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Advanced Building Management and Security Solutions

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Virtual Building Management Assistant


Mitigate liability with 24/7 camera recording and advanced electronic access control systems.

Reduce crime, vandalism, and improve tenant quality of life with remote video monitoring, advanced biometrics, and analytics.

Reduce the need for physical security guards and reduce building maintenance and repair costs with camera coverage, our Investigation Response Team, and artificial intelligence.



Full Situational Awareness at Your Fingertips


Rapid deployment of emergency services if viewed activity calls for such action.


Check in on your building and staff any time of day, from anywhere.

Cost Savings

Know when things happen instead of guessing — garbage removal, fires, snow removal, trades performing on-site work, deliveries, move-in’s/out’s, and views of building infrastructure for power, heat, and water.

Fraudulent Claims

Check into potentially fraudulent claims against the property — workers’ compensation, slips and falls, etc.

Quality of Life

Ability to issue lease violations against tenants causing harm to the building or affecting the quality of life for other tenants.


Know when something happens and quickly prevent further incident.

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Why Reliant Safety?

We are driven to protect buildings, tenants, and property value.

State-of-the-Art Protection

We employ a wide range of innovative solutions for security and building management, including remote-monitored roof alarms, advanced loitering alerts, elevator floor control, and data analytics that support our Security Operations Center.

Actionable Analytics

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is your virtual guard team. The SOC handles data and live feeds, deploys emergency responders if deemed necessary, and liaises with law enforcement for evidence chain of custody.

Significant Cost Savings

Guards don’t always respond or react, as they cannot be everywhere at all times. Our always-on, comprehensive system of cameras, analytics, and loitering technology with access control keeps a constant watch on the activities taking place at properties. Our cases of captured video for law enforcement lead to arrests, prosecution, and lease violations, and ultimately filter out the bad actors living in or near by a building.

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I have witnessed first-hand the transformation of Plaza Residences…

from a place riddled with violence and drugs to a managed, controlled environment where families can live peacefully.”

Ret. Detective Gene Isnardi,
FBI Task Force

Why affordable housing building owners choose Reliant Safety

Since 2009, Reliant Safety has been a pioneer in the security industry, providing innovative solutions that protect both property and people and boost property management staff productivity. Today, we swiftly — and successfully — assess threats and monitor surveillance for full situational awareness and more effective management at over 20,000 residential units nationwide, as well as Class A office buildings, educational facilities, and more.

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Why affordable housing building owners choose Reliant Safety

A holistic and effective security solution begins with a survey of each building to pinpoint vulnerabilities and hazards, and a background check with local law enforcement agencies to get a feel for the activity occurring at a building. This is followed by a comprehensive system design that will incorporate camera locations and fields of view for precise coverage, access control, or additional technologies.

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Why affordable housing building owners choose Reliant Safety

Our extensive use of video surveillance has played a key role in reducing building security staff, providing virtual property management and detecting criminal activity, as well as combating false insurance claims. Check out our case studies.

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Meet our team of experts

Reliant Safety brings industry experts together to deliver integrated security solutions across specialty sectors — including real estate finance, property management, IT, retired military, ex-law enforcement, and project managers.

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Protect Your Buildings. Enhance Asset Value.

Learn how Reliant Safety can help keep your asset secure, improve occupancy, decrease maintenance costs, reduce physical security needs, and increase property value.

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Our Passion, Your Security

Founded in 2009, Reliant Safety provides comprehensive building management and security solutions for the multi-family housing market, educational facilities, office buildings, and all other real estate sectors. Building owners and managers rely on Reliant Safety to assess threats and monitor surveillance for situational awareness and effective management of over 20,000 residential units nationwide.

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