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Specialty sector solutions

Reliant Safety solutions are at work in multiple sectors nationwide, from the affordable housing market to hospitality, office, education, and retail industries.

Reliant Safety specializes in the affordable housing market, transforming housing properties into safer environments for a greater return on investment for building owners.

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Affordable Housing

We’re instrumental in helping to reduce crime, vandalism, and lease violations across affordable housing buildings and complexes nationwide.


We help maintain a safe and secure environment, keeping out unwanted visitors in high-traffic educational spaces.


By surveilling and protecting construction sites, we control and monitor critical access points during working hours, and help keep sites safe from thieves and vandals, especially during off hours.


We ensure all hotel entry points, exit points, and common areas are secure around the clock, helping guests and staff rest easy.

Class-A Office Buildings

Our 24/7 video surveillance helps ensure office buildings are free from intruders and break-ins, and reduces the need for physical security guards, decreasing costs and increasing return on investment to owners.


Round-the-clock video surveillance helps keep storage units and valuables safe without the expense of on-site security.

Protect Your Buildings. Enhance Asset Value.

Learn how Reliant Safety can help keep your asset secure, improve occupancy, decrease maintenance costs, reduce physical security needs, and increase property value.

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Our Passion, Your Security

Founded in 2009, Reliant Safety provides comprehensive building management and security solutions for the multi-family housing market, educational facilities, office buildings, and all other real estate sectors. Building owners and managers rely on Reliant Safety to assess threats and monitor surveillance for situational awareness and effective management of over 20,000 residential units nationwide.

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